In summary we could define it in two paragraphs:


- Second edition is the passage of all our resin products with a handmade production and similar modeling to a high quality plastic production and a 3D prototyping.


- With a new website, more accessible and attractive, that allows the buyer and follower to be informed of all our progress and new projects, with an efficient attention to the public, being able to even follow each order from the website itself, when the customer wants, at any time of day, without asking.


But why have we passed our products to plastic?


The reason is very simple. With the amount of sales generated by both our good work and external factors, the latter especially between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, we were unable to supply the demand, which caused excessive delays, zero or low attention to public to give priority to internal packaging and crispation by not being able to maintain an adequate flow of news.


This was because if in 2017, after two years of work that we started in July 2015, we saw the impossibility of supplying the demand, two years later in 2019 it was practically impossible. Hence the search for a practical solution.


This solution began in January 2019, when we agreed to start the talks to transfer all our products to plastic, which meant for us not to have to produce and package, which would mean more time for the weak points we had.


After 10 months, changing the business model from its foundations, finishing our kickstarter dragon project and with more than 90 references of new products waiting for their departure, we have taken the definitive step of no return.


We look forward to the new quality of the plastic product and all the improvements we have added, leaving a mark on the history of the miniatures, not only nationally but also European.