This is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions that our clients and followers usually ask themselves. We hope this will guide you to be better informed.

-What are the payment methods ? You can place your order by paying by paypal or bank transfer.


When the payment is made by bank transfer means that you must manually make the amount through your bank of the total amount of the order that indicates at the end of the entire process to the account ES53 2048 1200 1030 0000 2492.


Ordering by bank transfer does not imply that you are buying it if you do not reserve until the moment the amount arrives, which will make the order effective. The reservation time is 72 hours, if in that period you have not made the transfer, we will cancel your reservation.


-How long should I wait to receive my order? The time depends on the payment method and the location in which it is located. When the company lives in Spain, orders to Europe have a much shorter arrival time than shipments to Oceania and America.


If one of the products that have been chosen appear in Pre orders, the package will not be sent until the date we have marked in that package.


In the months of December-January the delay in shipments is usually greater due to the large amount of work that our operators have.


-I can follow my shipment with code without having to ask for it in customer service. Of course, at the time you make the payment you are assigned a code, which once you start the shipping process will inform you of your order. All our shipments are made through the public company of Correos España.


-Can I make combinations of packages and ask for an exact number of miniatures? The quick answer is No. The specifications of each product indicate the number of exact miniatures to be purchased, we will not ship or choose specific units. Packages are only sold in the way we already have default.