In 2015, given the economic situation that the world was going through, hobbies were not the most important, since stability was the first thing due to uncertainty in the future.

But as has always been said, from the most adverse circumstances an opportunity may be born. This was reflected in a meeting in Madrid, the capital of Spain, where the idea of ​​creating a company with very cheap prices was born so that everyone could afford it at that time, not just a few lucky ones, since the price of miniatures He was getting taller.


This is how the hard work began without any knowledge in business of creating something new, different. There were many challenges along the way, but with patience and above all eager to learn, he created what Norba is today.


With the acquisition of machines for the handmade manufacture of miniatures in resin and based on hundreds of tests, an average quality was developed that is far from what we have today, but at that time it was the best we could offer.


The following three years to 2015, marked good and bad times, with errors and successes until arriving at Christmas 2018, where the turning point of no return was marked.

With a project that aimed at success and with a lot of external help, although those people at that time did not know it, they made the company beat all its sales records, including in subsequent months, of the products that were least sold.


It is here that the problem arose of how to finally be able to meet the great demand, avoid delays in deliveries and be able to have a constant flow of news with what to move from a small business to another practically automated and very attractive.


Thus, it was planned to leave the old-fashioned resin manufacturing system to give way to injection plastic in quantities of hundreds of thousands. Throughout the year 2019, Norbaminiatures has been testing the material, the times, the qualities and of course finishing the famous project of the dragons in 2020 to take the step in Quality, not only with all 3D modeling, but also in plastic, with new packaging systems and a new, more attractive website, so everyone feels this is their own home.


We do not know what challenges await us in 2020, but we are here to stay, keep improving and never go back, for you and for all those who have made this possible directly or indirectly.