Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank
Dwarf Tank

Dwarf Tank


This Dwarf Tank is part of our next December Kickstarter campaign.

It can be purchased now without waiting for the usual delivery times on Kickstarter or purchased in the campaign.

The Rewards system of the future campaign has changed compared to the previous ones. The greater the contribution made, the more rewards can be acquired.

Each backer, depending on his contribution, will be able to choose the rewards they want instead of selecting them from us.

All the miniatures of the next campaign will be available from the first day here on our Official website, with the same waiting times as on kickstarter, but the contributions will not have any benefit or reward. (Recommended for orders less than 50 euros that do not they will also not have any benefits or rewards on kickstarter)


This Produc contiens a Dwarf Tank made of the highest quality resin.

Includes a 50x100mm base.

100 Items

All our miniatures are made of high quality resin in state-of-the-art 3D printers.

The pieces are shipped unassembled or glued, so it will be necessary to use an adhesive to glue these parts.

The color of the miniatures is gray. The painted miniatures are not sent so it is necessary to apply color to them.

For this we recommend the Vallejo brand that you can find in the Paints and Airbrushes section.

The tone of Vallejo paint cans are indicative and can change the final color.

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<p class="MsoNormal">Delivery times may differ depending on the location, with a waiting time of 5 to 7 days in the case of a European country and <span> </span>up to three weeks in the case of an American Country or Oceania.</p>

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