Battle Dwarf Elite Zeppelin

Norba Miniatures
This product contains a Dwarf Zeppelin of the highest quality made of 3D resin. This product already has a 20% discount applied until July 1. The first 50 zeppelins sold among all the models will have the support that joins the 50x100 base to the drakkar, made of Methacrylate. Once they are sold out they will be made of gray resin like the rest of the...

Chaos Dwarf Army

Norba Miniatures
This pack is a product  that includes a Chaos Dwarf army. It is composed of: -Chaos Dwarf Cannon and its three miniatures. -4 Characters. -10 Immortals. -10 Citadel Guards. -10 Infernal Warriors. -10 Immortal Guards. -10 Immortal Guards. -10 Immortal Guards with ax and shield. -10 Disciples of Place with two-handed Axe. -10 Place Disciples with paired...

Watchtower Hill

Norba Miniatures
This Pack contains Watchtower Hill made of 3D Resin. 20% of the price has been applied until May 20, 2023. The length is approximately 30-35 cm. Its weight ranges from 400 grams. The base has been cut in two to facilitate its transport, as well as the joints of the other pieces, making it easy to move from place without the need for glue. The...

Teutonic Guard Regiment

Norba Miniatures
This product contains 20 miniatures. 20 20x20mm bases are included

Chaos Dwarf Cannon

Norba Miniatures
This product contains a Chaos Dwarf Cannon and three miniatures. Also included is a 75mm round base and 3 20x20mm bases. This product will be in a special offer on April 1, 2023 together with 96 other Chaos Dwarf miniatures, making a special price of 100 miniatures at 100 Euros including 4 command groups, 4 characters and the cannon.
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