This is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions that our customers and followers normally ask. We hope this will serve as a guide to be better informed.

Where is my shipment located? When making the purchase you will receive an Email from DHL indicating the tracking to see the situation of the shipment.

How can I calculate the cost of my shipment?  When adding products to the cart, the website automatically calculates the shipping price taking into account the weight. The more products that are purchased, the higher the cost of shipping.

What happens if a product is in Pre-Order? It will not be shipped until the end of the Pre-Order date so you are actually booking the product.

If I buy miniatures that are not in Pre-Order with miniatures that are, will my order be divided and will you send it to me sooner? No, if your shipment contains a Pre-order package until the shipment is not available, it will not leave our facilities.

My package still does not change the status Is there a problem with my shipment?. No, we generate shipping codes sometimes a day before sending it, the same day and others a week or more in advance. If during the journey you see that it takes a long time to update do not worry, it is the nomal, sometimes the receiving countries take a long time to update their data.

If I have received miniatures that were not the ones I ordered or my package is damaged, what can I do? Inform us of the problem to give a solution. First of all we will need photos of the unused package. Once used we are not responsible for whether you have broken them, stuck them badly or painted them badly. We support everything that has come to them incorrectly and we will solve it.

Can I customize my package by choosing which miniatures I want of each product? No, the packages are indivisible, please refrain from asking us for example 4 thumbnails of a pack of 10. The products are not divided at all.

Can I combine my kickstarter contribution with the web products? No, since our stock is exclusive web and you have to have your own invoice and purchase from here. A kickstarter project has many advantages but it is a project, not a direct purchase of our usual material.

Can I ask you for an aerVallejo brand scanner even if you don't have it?. Yes, we can get any airbrush you need at a good price by paying it in advance.

Can I suggest thumbnails, new products, tips or recommendations? Of course, you can send us an email at with all those suggestions you want.

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